Saturday, 3 January 2009

Mr. Raj is back!!

He has got his voice back!!

For a while 26/11 seemed to have affected his political ascendancy which was going so smooth with his 'outsider' campaign. For some time it looked as if Mumbai was able to get over with his divisive politics.

But now he seems to have hit another jack pot ...another highly emotive issue and his current postures will make him far more openly acceptable to other political parties. What will make his life much easier now that he can play the role for saviour with much more conviction.

Now that is he back I am pretty sure that it’s just a matter of time before 'anti-bihari' campaign is resumed.

Edited on 5th Jan: This story from IndianExpress assures that there are common mumbai folks who are still not fooled by Mr. Raj.


  1. I read he has decided to save us from terrorism by preventing Pakistani music to be sold in the markets! (downloading on the comp is safe, it will not cause any attacks, I mean attacks by MNS not Terrorists.