Friday, 16 January 2009

The un-real India!!

He (lordly) stays with a poor and then announces this is real India. This makes me wonder which part of India I live in. The real one or the un-real one. I do not live in a hut or in a village although I still am connected with my ancestors place which in among the poorest and most naxal infected districts of India.

I primarily live in a Metro unless I am out of the country, occasionally drive car, eat out once in a while.. go for movies in nearby multiplex and all the while I used to think that even I live in India, India which has many contractions and huge disparity in income. I obey the rules .. pay my taxes.. still I probably live in ‘Unreal India’.

Or is it fashionable among the elites(or inheritors) to denounce there life-style once in a while and be a guest of a poor family and introduce them as ‘real india(ns)’.

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