Monday, 26 January 2009

Mangalore ....

Some of the most shocking and shameful scenes done by a section of fanatics are played in by news channels for last two days. With my limited to access to Indian news channels which is limited to one English and one Hindi and the scene is very regularly played in the English channel with Hindi channel not paying great attention to it (Probably it does not cater to their core viewers).

While we must unequivocally condemn this horrific act and demand that culprits must be punished … some of the things which are related to this sounded really odd to me ..

How media (with cameras) were already at spot to shoot the scene (why am I asking this as I did not see any one acknowledge the source of their video footage)? Does this mean they were informed before this drama began? If they were then why they did not inform the police? After all prevention of crime could be better than allowing women to be beaten in front of camera and then demand justice. Are they not guilty of being ‘unhelpful’ in preventing the crime? But then how will they get the news ???

While taking comments of one of the Central Govt. Minister (happens to be woman) when the news person asked what action are you going to take on this … the prompt answer was …. we will demand action from the chief minister. Why to wait and demand action … why can’t they just ban the organization which has done it .. after all its Central Govt.’s job to ban suspect organizations and guide the states(States can just shut the doors on them within their boundries but that will not stop the malice) in closing down the outlawed offices. Why is this blame game and ambivalence?

Who has got benefited from this whole act? After all it’s an election year so many things would tend to happen and i doubt if BJP folks are so dumb to get into or support something like this in the election year.

With these lingering thoughts can I put my neck on chopping block and ask the most wrong question at this moment.... was it stage managed …??

And this being the Republic Day i was very happy that atleast the Hindi channel did show a short interview of Abhinav Bindra .. just marvel his cool attitude ....


  1. I agree with your observations. But I doubt if it was stage managed, more like a planned attack with the connivance of the media.

  2. you right .. it might not be a stage managed .. but certainly planned on .. more revealing is that some news reports are saying that in recent past Rame Sene's cheif was special invitee of Suresh Kamadi where even Shaila Dixit was present .. can not confirm this news though as google does not result anything on these searches .. but then again the whole affair is really bad but sounds to perfectly timed to be done by just a bunch of fanatics