Friday, 2 October 2009


Although have been absent from (writing) blogs for quite a while something clicked while watching the movie "Gandhi" on Sony Pix. Certain things which like

1. The roads that we have today are still the same as it was during his time .. Dusty and potholed

2. Villages are still the same .. offlimit ... hard to reach .. haven't changed even with our own country (wo)men ruling us

3. The rulers .. they are looking similar to what we had at that time ..

4. Media still reports only what it wants (asked) to report.

5. Women are still carrying water on their head from far.

During my school days i had read a story "Namak Ka Daroga" by Premchand. This was in Hindi and part of our course, The story was set in pre-independence days to highlight the prevalent corruption we had in government. How a Daroga catches a very rich man smuggling salt. Very soon almost everyone from courts to his seniors get into an overdrive to save the rich guy. Finally the Daroga gets dumped. Contrast this with what we see today. I am pretty sure the outcome would still be the same. The honest Daroga will still get dumped.