Thursday, 22 January 2009

Family names Reserved for Sons .......

As i through an excellent post by IHM on reservation of sons While i agree with what is sadi i think the post has mixed up lot of different things.
Another post which extends the discussion further reservation of sons.
I am tagging the replies here

Why I say it was a flawed logic. What is the issue here .. Sanjay Dutt has shown that he remains a MCP by saying that he is the only Dutt. That needs to be bashed.. no questions .. but then don't mix this with other facts which does not have relevance here .. like he is a baddy .. his jail record or how he was there.. character of Amar Singh .. this is like are trying to substantiate his MCP character with totally different things.

By saying that ‘Sanjay believes in claiming a right to something he has not earned, just because he was born to it …. His sisters have definitely done a lot more to deserve’ .. I would think that it is probably perpetuating the personal dislike towards Sanjay. Do we really know if Priya is not claiming the same right without deserving it or if she has done more to deserve it? Sanjay rightly or wrongly is better known figure even now or even when Priya was thrown onto the scene. Honestly I first heard her name only when she was picked for that Loksabha seat. All along I always heard Sanjay’s name after original Dutt. But that’s my unawareness (just suspect that many people will have same kind of unawareness). I would doubt the claims that Priya has been supporting her dad(more than Sanjay) or her bro through his bad past as I do not know enough to make that claim(I am pretty sure even no one is in in that position unless they are their confidante).

If Priya does not feel that Sanjay is probably asking for a part of or whole of the legacy then why is she worried on what Sanjay is doing.. or why is he joining SP or any party.. How does this matter to her as which political party her Bro represents?

I am not doubting that Priya is a Dutt. I am only doubting her intension behind ‘And she simply chose to retain that name’. Just that I do not see it that ‘simply’.

I think this war of words was started by Priya as rather than discussing it with Sanjay (i doubt if they are on talking terms) she start with Media.. after all all the siblings do not need to join Congress.. (they are not the first family .. they just 'aye saar/mam' for their masters)
When people say ‘Imagine a man like him might represent the people, including women from Lucknow!’ we are again mixing things. It’s a totally different argument on if he should represent people or not which I thought was not the point.

Now coming to original point on the names. I still maintain (and will continue to maintain so as that’s what I believe in) that what (family) name a woman(or man) should keep is her(or his) prerogative. It’s a custom that many women after marriage change to their husband’s family names. Now I am not taking sides on if it is right or wrong. I will always argue that if we say that it is wrong then we are doubting intelligence of many women who choose to do it. Note that choose is the key word. At the same time most of the women in India do not get a choice. Just after marriage they knowingly-unknowingly do become Mrs. Sharma .. Mrs Bhatia .. Mrs Nair .. that is wrong. They should be called what they want to be called. I would think many women (like the US first ladies) have enough intelligence to take a conscious decision and by taking sides we undermining them (or their decision).

By saying that it’s a custom not even in India but followed in west does not make it wrong (or right) or a colonial hangover. Just because it’s yet another custom we can not bracket it with some of the ugly ones like ‘Polygamy, Polyandry, Slavery, human sacrifice, sati’.

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