Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Mangalore part 2

It seems the Mangalore incident was directly recorded by a News Channel (not by some bystanders or passers by) on cam which means it was present onsite (naturally seems like they were informed before the drama started) ...

Now why Sree Ram Sena do that .. to get a name for itself (it was not a well known entity before) .. but it would be naive to think that a larger organization like BJP would allow something like this happen and that too in a state ruled by them .. in election year ..

It is a sure shot formula to alienate all feminists .. moderates .. middle classes .. city dwellers (some of them are target voters for Right wingers) … just the right fodder for all the feminists to go on over drive …

And getting a News Channel to do the recording is a bit odd again .. as that News Channel is not known to be on the right side of right wingers ..

Curiously in past the same News Channel had failed to report Kiliroor sex scandal (even after they were picked up by virtually every other channel) .. a simple google will show that ..

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