Wednesday, 31 December 2008

I love UPA!!

Another great path-breaking decision
Another piece taken from the same article 'The Home Minister also announced that a round the clock information gathering and sharing centre on terrorism has come into effect from Wednesday.

'So finally we have something where we will gather and share information. How about analysing them and taking them to a logical conclusion as well??

I hope now this Govt will clear the Gujarat Govt's Coastal Security plan which it has sumbited in 2005 itself


  1. Wish you a Happy New Year :)

    I think we need a non-political agency for Internal Security. This last attack was unprecedented in its planning and we never know what kind of assaults might follow.

  2. Wish you a great year too!!

    You are right we need a non-political agency. But having agency was never really a problem. Problem is having a centralized command to receive and analyze them and far more important someone to allow things to happen without tinkering them with so many different thoughts focued on votes all the time.

    I feel that initial reactions 26/11 of this govt were great but now after Delhi and J&K election results they have gone back again to have everything guided by vote-arithmetic.