Monday, 5 January 2009


Being away from home means I get to see only two Indian news channels on my TV. One always runs Sas bahu updates and repeats most of the news 3-4 times other one being an English News channel is a bit more aristocratic for my liking and often more focused on getting sound bites from socialites.

On one of them as a rolling bulletin I saw a news saying PDP will support Self Rule in J&K. A bit fascinated I did a bit of google on what it means and to my amazement it seems PDP is demanding self-rule for J&K. Isn’t that something which goes against India’s stand.

They have tried to explain what it would mean on their website. It would mean a free trade zone which will “set a common external tariff on imports from India and Pakistan.”
“Further, instead of looking for a monetary union, a new system of “Dual Currency” will be created, where the Indian and Pakistani rupees are both made legitimate legal tenders in the geographical areas”

I have not read this fully but I wonder why we do not have a formal debate on this by other political parties as some of this probably goes against India’s claim that J&K is our integral part. Even Cong was running a Govt till very recently with their support or supporting their Govt and officially PDP is part of UPA which is running the central Govt.

PDP is run by the same guy who was our Home Minister once and had negotiated for her kidnapped daughter.

Or may be Mr. Raj ‘the saviour’ should see this. This might be a golden opportunity for him project a Pan-Indian image.


  1. I have never even heard of it and it doesn't sound like a good idea at all!!

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