Thursday, 25 December 2008

First of unsung!!

Starting a blog for myself... a place for all the crappy ideas that i keep getting ... to reflect my anger my anguish my pain when i feel like shouting at my work on roads on jampacked trains but can not as that would be 'politically incorrect' ...

Caution : this blog will not be a sas bahu soap opera, it will also not be the 'objective view' on anything, this blog will not be a 'politically correct one', this blog will not be propagating any political view and will not try to be humorous. This blog will be full of my crappy rotten ideas which often get further muddied with my 'educated' but 'idol' mind. They are mine and 'any attempt to make you feel offended' is purely co-incidental and un-intentional.


  1. That's a lovely blog name, "Unsung Indian" ...
    welcome to the blogosphere, I have started following your blog :)

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