Thursday, 25 December 2008

dikhawe pe mat jao!!

I recently came across this blog and excellant subsequent discussion but what i thought was fairly subjective and probably a bit one sided

As I kept on reading the article as well as the comments I realized there are lot of correct arguments and lot of playing with words. While i have not got a chance to vote yet and not too sure where do I stand. While it is appalling and frustrating the way BJP tries to impose itself on Hindus I do not buy to lot of strong words attributed to them.
Lot of things were started by Cong Govts like India’s foray into telecom I do not consider telecom to be truly started by Cong folks (it started only when villages also started getting it) and just because Manmohan and Chidambaram have good college degrees they do not qualify to be the leaders. We all tend to forget that its the PM who backs the FM and it was Narsimha Rao who backed (It comes from political will) Manmohan to start the wheel rolling in 1991. As Mr. Rao does not have correct surname for a Cong PM his achievements were downplayed. Chidambaram is probably just the right guy right place to be really talked as the MAN but if look closely two recent economic downturns in India he was the presiding FM on both. Young leaders of Cong?? All of them are super-imposed on the scene, hardly anyone coming through the ranks. Someone like Mayawati even if she is not the most honest politician (the recent controversy on her birthday targets and killing of PWD engineer enforces this view), she has come through the ranks and can make you believe that if you take a plunge in politics even u have a chance to reach up, not if you see the Cong young leaders names. At present they are just stamps of their family’s legacy. i may be more inclined to vote for a Mayawati than any of them. I still admire the way she has moved up.

Contrast the ‘youngies’ for Cong with ‘youngies’ of BJP. You do not see all son's and daughters of all BJP leaders making beeline for their family legacy or being super imposed. Economy… i have my own doubts if Cong really made any effort on them .. you can sample economic parameters so see how the current govt has faired (or failed) on most of them .. (vs previous Govt).

Innovation .. its not a pipedream but takes years before your institutions start delivering on innovation .. Example look at US universities .. our Unis are still lot younger compared to them.

Atrocities and Violence, 1992 or Gujrat can not be explained and BJP was needed to be banned for them, with their leaders tried in court (which unfortunately never happened), but Cong has done far heinous crimes and walked away. We need to condemn the brutal killing of father and two young boys in Orisa but also should be ready to debate the conversion issue because then it will show up that in the name of conversion we are getting illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and making them rightful citizens (check how the demographic details of some of the districts West Bengal and Assam has changed to open your eyes) as real conversion is far less than it is shouted for and it should remain a personal choice but then we shy away from it. As for father and son killing probably has some links with the recent history (around 100 yrs) of kandhmal to see that most likely it was not against conversion but is a fight between two communities (or castes), which is still going on and people are still getting killed. The killing was 'converted' as for conversion to hide the core issue

Cong is trying to open centres for Aligarh Muslim University in different parts of country and probably have given a budget allocation for this as well. What beats my mind is, why of AMU only .. is this the best university we have got in our country, is this the most professional one, why not Centres of IISc .. or JNU .. or Delhi University .. i thought those are our best universities .. why not even BHU .. which is often compared with AMU (just because of its name) but in reality its far more professionally run and offers better education ... but then even to get funds BHU had to open a campus in the name of Rajiv Gandhi (not in the name of its founder or Bhabha .. or Bhatnagar who are its alumni)

NHDP a dream project of the previous as well as present Govt, It Is again leading to lopsided growth (which was the hallmark of all the growth that has happened in first 40 years of Cong rule) while some of the Cong favoured states are in 5-6 phase of NHDP states like bihar are struggling even to complete phase II.We had an excellent Prez in the name of Kalam (i still keep a copy of his Ignited Minds). Now our current Prez is trying to open an IIT in Amarawati (where is it btw and why Prez is thinking of Amrawati only) (probably will not happen thanks to Ahluwalia (a real good brain)). Do we really believe that Nuclear Deal was hatched in last four years?? Do you believe in the portrayed benefits? Yes we have ended our isolation on this, but then it will generate energy? Not sure. Germany and NZ meet bulk of their energy requirements from 're-useable' sources (read sunlight .. hydro .. ) why not we focus on doing that rather then rooting for something which is a potential health hazard as well as would be very very costly.

Its like Sprite. 'dikhawe pe mat jao apni akal lagao'


  1. My post was against all that BJP has done to create communal and caste based VIOLENCE. They politicized every issue - even if the the two sons and their father burnt inside their jeep were killed for any other reason, what the Prime Minister and the rest of he bJP said was still shocking. The purpose of the post was to show how Fundamentalism and violence are the ideology of BJP.
    Congress is not an angelic party either, but the protecting of Hinduism is not any Governments job, and these guys go about saying 'Live in Rome as Romans do' , well in this Rome Christians and Muslims are Romans too.

  2. I like the way you write Unsung Indian. There is a lot of commonsense and logic in your arguments, even though I may see some things differently... I am following you from now. Looking forward to some good stuff.