Friday, 26 December 2008

One Month After

Its a month after the strike first began on Taj and other places in Mumbai. While i have keenly followed all the related news items on most of the channels and news papers i realized that the rhetoric is getting better and better with 'lots of effect'. Our Indian Govt has been so keen to forward that they have been working on all fronts.

They had to let go our original Home Minister. (I have very fond memories of his being the LS Speaker when the JMM was bribed in voting for Govt). While people will say it was long over due but Mr. Patil always ensured that he appears in his neatly pressed suits after every blast and offer assuring words 'hum pakad rahe hain hum pakdenege' It was a small count that we had 20 odd blasts in last 4 years and 7-8 blasts in 2008 itself before Mumbai happened. Unfortunately in Mumbai this time 'richer' people had to feel the fear which was so far designed only for children of lesser Gods. It was normal to get blasted in Bangalore or Rajasthan or other places which were in areas not frequented by 'rich' and 'mighty'. 'Fortunately' this time the gun shots were live on cameras. And Mr HM was keen to appear on television and to assure us that he is in control and still up even at 2 a.m. in the morning and he is sending NSG to bring the situation back to normal. Govt was keen to fix accountability and even Mr. 'chhote' patil had change of heart and resigned. He was disappointed that he could not show the same bravado which he had shown when the Bihari boy was shot. Not to be left behind Mr. Terror Tour operator also resigned to achieve the political Balance.

Govt was not satisfied with this people taking accountability and resigning. They even went on to reduce the number of policemen engaged in VVIP security so that the commoners can be provided better security. So now only 14100 policemen in delhi are engaged in providing VVIP security as against 14200 earlier.

They are even considering better managed 'live' television footage and wants to clear them during crises so that citizens should see only what they should.

They were also keen on taking Pak to the task and 'stepped up' the deplomatic pressure. We got a chance to host lot of US Senior govt officials which still continues. Pak relented and asked for proof. Our External affairs minister went ahead and told everyone that they have given the proof ten times. Surely it was getting bounced everytime so our Govt had to 'resend' everytime.

We identified another 20 from the earlier 20 and made the list 40 strong of people whom India wants back. We envy these 40 people's life in Pak and want them to come to India and so that they can tell us how they afford such a beautiful life.

We enacted tough terror law which makes confessions made in front of Magistrate valid not in front of Police.

We went and told everyone about the Pak role in attacks and demanded action from everyone. Even 'Big Daddy' became unhappy with Pak and demanded action.

Meanwhile there was yet another blast in Lahore which everyone in Pak blamed it on India (finally the Indian govt has 'taken' revenge) and put four 'indians' behind bar. But alas even this blast was claimed by someone else.

And now finally Pak has promised no legal help unless citizenship is proved. So now our Govt is focused on fixing this citizenship issue.

Its a good one month of great progress!

Disclaimer: if this blog sounds confusing with many glaring omissions and unsuccessfully tries to mix humor thats just in line with our response to 26/11

Edited on 26th : India has told the US, Iran and Pak's key allies China and Saudi that they need to use their clout to pressurize Pak into acting against Mumbai carnage perpetrators. ... :-))

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  1. dude...raj thackrey is back to giving speeches in all is back to normal now. dnt worry. BTW due to extortion threat to Dhoni, 40 policemen are dedicated to his security.