Thursday, 25 December 2008


here is what some of 'sister concerns of BJP' do... may be they are not in places like mumbai .. go through this link and see something that they do .. i have a first hand account of some of these schools will welcome any similar link for 'sister concerns of Cong'

Another one ' a well known name of Rajeev Gandhi Foundation'. Claim to fame .. in 1991 - 92 budget the FM of GOI allocated 100cr for this foundation which is privately held with Govt Of India does not have any control .. you can read it through on the 1991-92 budget of subsequent debates.. i could not get the exact link but here is the debate portion of it


  1. GOI gave INR 18,000 cr. to madarsas...may b appreciable assuming they do benefit poor in educating i have never heard any grants given to these schools..definitely questionable...

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