Thursday, 25 December 2008

Tough times ahead for doctors!!

Bihar govt is using something innovative and trying to locate position of doctors through a special chip in mobile phones

Highly innovative to curb the absentism in govt docs. but how effective that will be .. what are the possible ways to workaround this handicap
1. always keep these mobile phones in Govt hospital or clinic and employee on person to answer the calls and then call you back to tell you who has called.
2. loose the mobile very conveniently in toilets, baths, on bus seats, in Autos .. .
3. Its on BSNL network so blaming un-availability on BSNL will be very easy and convenient
4. As the dust settles everyone will forget about these mobiles
5. switch it off and say you had to as you were in operation theatre.

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  1. another good move i witnessed yesterday..when received an SMS from CBI giving me a toll free number in case any central govt asks me for bribe...but what is the guarantee if i wont need to bribe CBI to get my complaint registered?