Thursday, 25 June 2009

The tough achievers

One of the most positive stories that I have read in recent times. From India-Today. Highly recommended. Hats off to their perseverance and dedication.

Even though the number of seats has gone up multiple folds and the question papers have changed and people cry of dilution in the brand but I would bet that still only those go through the toughest exam who really deserve it. And the seats and number of IITs should have increased long time back.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a Taxi driver in Kolkata. as we(me and my wife) jumped into one of those big Ambassador taxies in Kolkata i was greeted with one of the 'whom-I-thought-was-very-talkative' taxi drivers.

He was around 45-50 and had lot of question for me like what do we do, after that what have I studied, a bit surprising was when he asked my branch. Then he asked if I am happy with my job and would I recommend others similar job as mine... I was very amused with all these questions and his keen interest in keeping the conversation going So I asked him on how he is very conversant with all this.

His answer was 'mera ladka bhi engineering me hai (my son is doing engineering)

I was impressed.. then asked him where is he .. wo sir IIT kanpur me hai (he is studying at IIT Kanpur).

I was at the edge of my seat leaning on the front seat .. ohh kis branch me hai (whats is branch) .. wo electrical me hai (he is in electrical) .. wow .. means must be under 200AIR.

Then rest of our discussion focused on me asking him how his son studied. Where did he do the schooling.. and all that .. and most of the answers where 'wo padhta tha aur hum to bas help karte the' and with us now rather than a Taxi driver there a was proud father who can keep talking for hours about his son and his achievements.

By the time we reached our destination we were really feeling very very happy and were proud to meet him.


  1. This story is great too. There is clearly so much of talent and brainpower in the forgotten corners of India that if it is all harnessed, India will simply explode onto the world stage in a manner that the world has not seen.

  2. These are the real heroes of India.Imagine,when the boy finishes proud wpould his father be.Such are the people the civil society must stand-by.

  3. Thank you for sharing that story was what I wanted to say after I read the story int he link you have given..

    and now I want to say an even bigger thank you for sharing this incident that became a story!
    How inspiring and how real!

    and with us now rather than a Taxi driver there a was proud father who can keep talking for hours about his son and his achievements.
    Will remember these lines for a long , long time...
    your post reminded me of Manju's posts that are such an inspiration too! :))

    And this is what makes India India...People like these...who live in shanties and dream so big that it wont even be possible for us to measure their dreams...

  4. there is an organization called dakshana foundation - which caters to many diamonds in the rough and coaches them to take JEE.