Tuesday, 16 June 2009

AP:crimes against women & PCC

Immediately i thought of calling the PCC (Pink Chaddi Campaigns) brigade. For uninitiated more info on PCC here & here

Mangalore happened. Someone arranged for a TV crew at a pub and started beating up women. We discovered that we have a group called Sree Ram Sene(SRS) and all 'forward' women devised a 'fool'-proof plan and ran a PCC. Media called for shame shame for SRS. Minister shouted Taliban. Some other shouted for reports from State Govt. Media again shouted how the reports are needed.

PCC was a success. Blogs were running pink. We showed our affinity to pink. The 'beautiful people' were talking pink and declared how SRS need to be 'pinked' and put behind the bars so that we can freely walk into the pubs.

Switch to AP. lets quote from Article
"Sri Laxmi, Lakshmi Sujatha, Ayesha Meera, Bhargavi, Swapnika and now, Sameera. Brutal and savage attacks on women are happening in the State in quick succession. The reasons might differ but in most cases, women are victimised by the lovelorn or the greedy."
The war cry: Bring on the PCC. Lets teach these attackers a lesson.

Hang on!! how about answering these questions first to see if PCC really applies in this case or not,
  • Do we really need to pay attention to these as have they stopped any women from going to pub.
  • Isn't that state ruled by a good government who are pillers of secularism.
  • How can we dub these attacks as Talibanization .. naah.. Mangalore was as they attacked women in pub that too they had arranged a camera before attacking them so that we can see them and then 'pink' them.
  • These attackers are not even arranging for a camera before they attack. how can we ascertain their crimes.
  • Lets find out if these attackers shout 'that ugly H' word or not. How can we do a PCC if they are just attacking and not shouting that ugly word.
  • Looks like they are just petty criminals as they do not even shout 'H' word.
  • Has SRS reached AP? you do not know? then how can we run PCC? Let SRS reach AP. Let them own up responsibility for any/few of these attacks then we will run PCC.
I am still searching for answers. Till then you can read on further quoted from the main article and prey that SRS owns some of them so that we can send the saviors for women in AP as well
"As per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) statistics published in 2007-08, AP is `a highly unsafe state for women.’ The State topped the list of crimes against women with 24,783 cases, accounting for 13 per cent of the total incidents in 2007. Of these, 3,316 cases were sexual harassment cases putting AP on top of other states.

The State has also accounted for about 83 per cent (about 1,000 cases) of the total cases against indecent representation of women. Among 35 cities with a population of more than one million, Hyderabad recorded 1,755 cases next to New Delhi which registered highest cases of crimes against women - 4,134 cases.

About 13,000 cases on human rights violation against women are still pending in Andhra Pradesh."
I am planning to call up some of my friends in AP to check if any of these are remotely associated with attacks in pubs or near the pubs.

[I have no intension for 'jibe' as these are serious crimes but could not resist the contrast]


  1. Don't we all know by now that Tehelka was behind the PCC and elections were around the corner and the BJP was doing well in Karnataka? It had to be defeated. Even after PCC, NDTV ran a series on how women were feeling unsafe in BJP's Bangalore, just because there were a few incidents of eve teasing. So what if they were far fewer than those taking place in Delhi?

    The stats of AP are shocking. But the media will never tell you that, like it never told you about the massive corruption scandal uncovered by Satyam's collapse, in which YSR and his son are alleged to have made thousands of crores. Secularism and sychophancy plus corruption in the media will ensure that the bigwigs of the Congress will never be exposed. Unless they run foul of the High Command!

  2. Have you also noticed this....churches were vandalised in Kerala and TN also but only attacks in Karnataka were given prominence.

    and now these statistics about AP. Delhi is not exactly a haven for women, but we do not hear about this. Gujjars and the other tribe were at each others throat...they seemed to have mysteriously sorted out all problems....

    Infact, where is SRS nowadays....some guys said that they were propped up by Congress...worth investigating.

    Some food for thought...

  3. Vinod Sir: thats a news for me .. i thought PCC was stage managed but didn't think that Tehelka could be behind it .. yaah i remember that series and how the focus was on Bangalore.

    Mavin Sir.. the churches were not always vandalized by those who do not believe in them. check this link

    Also this is yet another one on how govt was quick to send the central team.

    What beats me that there are enough people who i think were not personally benefited still went on to support PCC at that time but since then maintain a complete silence .. i remember asking many that why they do not oppose the coed ban in certain UP schools .. but alas 'beautiful people' are always interested in their own set of rules ..

  4. It is now clear that news channels/papers gives only those news which are meant to increase their TRP inturn profit and nothing else.
    Few days back I read this http://indiancabbagesandkings.blogspot.com/2009/06/remembering-manjunath-shanmugam.html but never found such news highlighted in any news channel. And these are supposed to be voice of people and unbiased truth informers, but there is nothing journalism left in majority of major media.

  5. Tv channels are in the business of making money.They need TRPs...however shameless it may be.Secondly,the credibility of media is at it's lowest now.Most of them have someone backing them.It being a powerful tool,it can actually make or break a party's rputation,it's credibility.