Sunday, 29 March 2009


A politically charged discussion between two friends who probably come from two different sides of spectrum ....

Comment why PM says a particular community has first right to country resources … why not equal right for all the communities ... i am sure personally you too would not like your children to feel second rated in place of their birth..

Response Supposing this were true, would you vote for someone who justifies violence using this as an excuse? I call this creating a brotherhood of victimhood. I assure you I have never felt we were made to feel in anyway ‘second rated’ in our own country. This type of hate politics combined with violence against every minority is what brought some of our politicians to power, and I fear unless we firmly stop them we will see more of this.

Comment You can see what MMS has said here. The whole content of the speech .. (we can go into what he meant what he didn't .. or how innocent it was) and here and here

Response I went through the links and I agree this is divisive politics, he must have known or should have known what he was talking about. All reservation except reservations meant for economically backward cause bitterness and hate amongst people ( though I support reservation for first generation learners amongst dalits). At a time when we are already going through such communal divides, this could only mean vote-politics.

Comment there has never been any justification of violence and i guess there will never be

Response I agree(that's true even for enticing for violence).. You mean making hate speeches etc?

Comment What breeds ugly behaviour is when we force ourselves to take notice of only certain issues like we go banana when a pub is attacked As for 'Going banana when a PUB was attacked'

Response that was an example of blatant breaking of law and order and using culture (!) to justify it. Trying to undermine it did BJP a lot of harm, BJP HAD A CHANCE TO WIN OVER 45% VOTERS AND THEIR FAMILIES in India by strongly condemning that shocking attack instead they spoke of saving our culture(!). I know their are many who might think it is okay to honor kill or beat up a women for drinking/being too free/wearing jeans/ going out alone etc but then they are born in the wrong country. This was a horrendous act, and needed all that and even more attention than it got. Please do not try to trivialize it.

Comment but remain silent when girls denied education ..i do not see any justification of choosing crimes or comparing which one is lesser ...

Response And this one should have got attention too, but not (like you mentioned in your last comment) because the victims belonged to another community. Are you trying to say BJP cares about the welfare of all communities? Or that BJP supports progress of women ? Why didn't they condemn the PUB attack? (btw they did condemn the attack for whatever it is worth) Or they will only support the progress of those women who are willing to be 'traditional and compliant' - one of my biggest grouse against BJP is their narrow minded attitude towards women, their narrow mindedness, and attempts at controlling how women must behave, who they must marry (like they mustn't marry outside their community)- THEY FORGET WE ARE ALL EQUAL - when a party is so blatantly - so openly discriminating against anyone who will find it difficult to protest (including women)- when they have never done a thing to deny this (Have they?) how does one understand that they are genuinely concerned about the education of girls? Did they do something to help here? Like open more schools just for girls? I have seen the switching from skirts to salwar kurtas in schools after BJP came to power - and that is very symbolic of the kind of affect they have on already rampant gender discrimination. No such rules anywhere for boys who continue to wear trousers and shorts. Is this Indian culture? Or BJP culture? Stuck between the bad and the worst possible, I will choose the bad any day.

Comment : its funny isn't it ... as long as you criticize Pub attacks and Varuns you are liberal.. the moment you question why the girls in UP can be pushed to the side of 'un-education' you get to told how bad BJP is .. and the kind of things it has done and then as a afterthought yes btw we should pay attention to that issue as well .. isn't that funny .. you will trust that BJP is behind all the attacks on pubs even though we can not conclusively prove that BJP indeed is behind those attacks .. and how BJP is not interested in even education of girls .. but then how do you explain that in this instance the govt at all levels (state & centre) was not in BJP hands and they didn't do anything .. but then still we can shift it on BJP and walk away ..

for your information check this link
and let me assure you all of them do teach girls .. i will welcome if you know otherwise

we do not care if people attached to 84 can become ministers but then we must believe the worst thing that has ever happened to india is RSS .. anyone who raises 84 or talks something differently than the accepted norms must be an RSS or BJP person .. but thats not true ...

Response : I Understand ..................................... (unsaid: but i will never tell these facts to any one else)

Disclaimer: All these are just personal views and do not support or deride any thinking


  1. "we do not care if people attached to 84 can become ministers but then we must believe the worst thing that has ever happened to india is RSS .. anyone who raises 84 or talks something differently than the accepted norms must be an RSS or BJP person .. but thats not true ..."
    So true..BJP is termed as "Communal Party" only because it has Hindutva ideals. While those parties who support openly minority religions without bothering the development of whole nation people are termed as "Secular", isn't it a sad funny to see?
    There were huge media discussion on an attack on Pub even though such incidents are happening in within other communities in many places inside India were not been telecasted also. And this is because speaking against the Saffron colour is considered as liberal. Things are not looked with balanced eye. If I talk about problems of Hindu people inside and outside our nation I become communal while if I condemn every act of Hindu organisations I become liberal!!.
    However I must say for every inequality violence and apply of forces is not the solution. But this must be understood by both the sides' fanatic people and law must be applied equally. If Varun is wrong for hatred speech so is MMS and alike who are indirectly building hate by creating inequality. But who has balanced eye?

  2. While I have condemned Varun's hate speech, he has brought to surface the harsh fact that by sweeping under the carpet any disturbing development relating to "non-Hindus", a situation is developing that may at some point of time erupt violently without warning. The need for "balance" is greater today than ever before...this one-sided "secular" nonsense is dangerous.

  3. Nice conversation!

    It is not politically correct to say even "I understand" in India these days!

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