Saturday, 28 March 2009

IPL part 2

Quoting from this week's India Today's cover story on IPL

"Home Minister P. Chidambaram could not have put it better—“IPL is a shrewd combination of sport and business. There is no reason to add politics to this combination.’’ There was no way politics could have been kept out either.A majority of states were willing to take responsibility for providing security at their own risk. Chidambaram says that only three states and one Union territory— Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab and Chandigarh—got back with their official response. What he forgot to mention was that they were the only ones to respond to the third reworked schedule. Most of the other states—barring Maharashtra and Delhi—had sent letters expressing their willingness to hold the matches with some changes in the schedule. All the changes had been made by the IPL in the last schedule it submitted to the Government. They were made to come up with a re-worked schedule thrice but received no clear response from the Government."

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  1. Who says politics and sports don't mix? I think there must have been some money involved too. Election time!