Friday, 6 February 2009

Pub Bharo!!!

I read two different news in last few days and curiously Government has two totally different positions on them.

I guess its not even 100 years back when our prominent leaders asked fellow country men & women to ‘Jail bharo aandolan’. The ‘Jail bharo’ was for the independence of our country.

In last sixty years of independence we have made tremendous progress.

... of course all of us are educated…
... of course have access to ‘best in the world’ health system…
... of course can lead our life the way we want to …
... of course can go, work and settle in any part of our country as we wish…
... of course can follow any religion (or decide not to) as we wish ….
... of course can vote without any fear and prejudice …
... of course can marry anyone we want to…
... of course have access to ‘best in class’ roads to all corners of our country …
... of course all our country men and women have means for a basic livelihood …
... of course we all have 24 hours un-interupted electricity and of course they are coming out of mainly nuclear power plants (kalavati is certainly is very happy) …
... of course we have not heard of any farmer suicide for as long as one can remember ...

But then still most of us are shying away from pubs .. that really has annoyed one of our ministers (who is touted as the 'only' shining light by some) and she had to call for ‘pub bharo aandolan’ as this is the last act which will surely elevate us to a status of developed world.

...of course in last sixty years we have successfully got rid of the ‘deprived world’ tag but yet to cover the distance to the nearest pubs to really stamp our credentials as a ‘developed world’...

What is amazing is that same minister (or the same govt) has no official or un-official response to this news

... of course for developed world pubs are more important and who cares for trivial other things!!!


  1. Well said Unsung Indian, the sarcasm is perfectly in order...the focus remains on the frivoulous and the petty political...this pub-bharo nonsense is nothing but a cheap political stunt.

    Yes there is one thing you forgot to mention:

    ....of course anyone from any family can rise to become India's Obama!

  2. why this whole hoohaa over the pub bharo campaign? you are right about all the things you said...the sarcasm is definitely well placed but this still doesn't mean that the general public or a minister representing them shouldn't have a voice in the whole assholic ram sena goons acting as moral brigade! Just because we still have a lot to be desired in the form of basic amenities and infrastructure for a lot of people it doesn't mean that the way we treat our women or don't should become a frivolous issue! Both, development and rights of people (men or women) should go hand in hand for us to become a better country. What's wrong with you man???

  3. also...the 'minister' did not come up with the campaign...these people did:

    get a life!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Untie .. you are right women should not be treated that way .. there is no argument about that .. and ram sene should be banned as soon as possible .. i am not trying to shy away from moral issues .. all i am trying to say here is there is more to it than meets the eye.. you read my earlier posts on Mangalore insident as well .. i would be happier to see 'minister' standing up with the firmness and reslove against the people in UP who are trying to deny basic education to girls ..

    i am more sad because of this selective picking or moral values ..

  5. UI,

    Renuka Chaudhury does speak on issues relating to women's education, reprodcutive rights, financial rights etc , too. Just because she agrees with a large percent of the populace on the issue of taking some sort of an offensive action against self appointed 'keepers' of the Indian culture doesn't mean she is doing it for publicity. And even if she is, so what? At least she is gaining mileage for being on the right side! Compare that to all the footage the b*****ds from the ram sena are you not want to side with someone who is saying the right thing? And my friend, it is not just the people in UP (I don't know why only the poor UP bhaiyyas always become the example!) who are denying basic education to is happening in nearly every state in the country, save perhaps Gujrat where all girls go to school......and a majority get married at 18 to have babies and become dutiful wives!

    I also agree with you that there is more to this issue than meets the eye...ELECTIONS!! As election day is getting nearer, a lot of these outfits are suddenly springing into action....they need to make sure people will remember them for something! It doesn't matter if it was for hitting women - they were in a bar (read 'were alcoholics')!

    On another note, how come we never see a ram sena or a bajrang dal or a whathaveyou lashing out at lecherous men who pinch bottoms in buses and grope women in streets, with the same gusto?? Are those men not defililng the 'Indian Culture' which the Ram Sena upholds so dearly? Or is eve teasing all right because 1. That was men in action and 2. Those women invited it by wearing provocative clothes????

    want to say something?

  6. Untie .. thanks for putting your thoughts on this .. this is exactly what we need but at a bigger medium ... a good debate on this whole issue .. what i have found happening is that everyone is trying to flair passion .. Renuka had (still has) every chance to ban this group (as she is a minister in central govt which has real powers to ban groups) but she chooses to shout slogans .. why am i talking about UP?? because its in UP were madarsa board has banned girls from co-ed schools and they do not have 'girl schools' in sufficient numbers ..

    most of us who have access to blogs stay in cities and have different issues to tackle .. we have access to lot of basic things and thus our attention is on different things .. but then there are places (and they out number the city populance) which denies even basic things like education to a girl child .. and i do not find Renuka being proactive in those places .. or rather have any real thoughts on to that ..

    there is nothing wrong in going to pub (or not going to) .. what is more important is to allow a very large population to have access to means (read atleast education) which allows them to think independently and think for themselves .. and our minister is not doing anything for them ..

    the footage ram sena is getting only because prominent people like our minister chooses to issue slogans against them .. they could have delt with such outfits very firmly by banning it and putting their men behind bars ..

    Now have our minister taken any action against them??? Think clearly on what she is doing ..